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Cairns woman, Elizabeth Duffy, is the first to graduate with a business qualification that includes a dedicated social media component. The busy mum is using her newly acquired skills to manage multiple business’ social pages, from her home office, during hours that suit her lifestyle.

Training Connections Australia (TCA) has partnered with local business Social Media Specialist, which has designed 10 face-to-face social media workshops delivered as part of a recognised BSB30115 Certificate III in Business.

TCA National Training Manager, Amanda Sophios, said social media skills opened many job opportunities and enabled flexibility.

“We’d encourage school leavers preparing to enter the workforce or undertake further study to consider our unique social media training. It provides practical skills in using social platforms, which can add value to many businesses whether they are large or small,” she said.

“Social media roles can be flexible. The associated tasks are performed online, meaning geographic barriers become obsolete.

“We’ve found the dynamic nature of working in social media combined with flexible hours and locations appeals to many young people, stay-at-home parents and freelancers who want to break out of traditional nine-to-five, single-employer scenarios.”

TCA currently has around 40 students enrolled in the social media course and accepts new enrolments at any time. It is expected that numbers will build as the school year finishes and more businesses require their employees to upskill to support their social presence.

While most complete the course face-to-face in Cairns, TCA involves students outside the region via live, online webinars. This enables them to learn, contribute and interact with the class using chat and video technologies.

Eligible individuals may qualify for subsidies under the Certificate 3 Guarantee program which is funded by the Queensland Government.

Social Media Specialist, Leanne Peard, said her training focused on the practical aspects of how to use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

“I’ve found social media courses that focused on strategy and analysis are fairly common, but there was a gap in the market to provide fundamental ‘how to’ information relevant to the many platforms now available,” she said.

“I’m thrilled to work with TCA to help our students hit the ground running with the skills to create social pages, develop and post content and manage the technical settings.”

People interested in becoming a social media manager can undertake electives individually or as part of a BSB30115 Certificate III in Business.